The Audience

Zinsser wrote, In Writing Well, chapter 5, “I’m talking about two different issues. One is craft, the other is attitude. The first is a question of mastering a precise skill. The second is a question of how you use that skill to express your personality.” Craft is something I’m in constant learning mode, some mastered … Continue reading The Audience

Catastrophic Suffering

I grew up in a fundamentalist religious group in Canada until I turned ten and our family moved to Los Angeles. Our world in Canada was all white with a “Truman Show” atmosphere. I experienced a traumatic culture shock after we moved. I didn’t stand out as being different in our sheltered prairie town but … Continue reading Catastrophic Suffering

What Do I Miss (pre-pandemic) An Allegory

Sand tickles bare feet;  Sand shifts;  I tip sideways; arms fling wide.  Waves crash; waves suck in sand; I brace my body,  I brace its watermelon-shaped abdomen.  Waves pull me under; I gurgle---spit saltiness.   Waves tumble me-over-and-over; I gasp! Help   Pandemic. What's new? Masks, social-distancing, senior store hours, gloves, wash hands, repeat. Online classes, online … Continue reading What Do I Miss (pre-pandemic) An Allegory