Catastrophic Suffering

I grew up in a fundamentalist religious group in Canada until I turned ten and our family moved to Los Angeles. Our world in Canada was all white with a “Truman Show” atmosphere. I experienced a traumatic culture shock after we moved. I didn’t stand out as being different in our sheltered prairie town but … Continue reading Catastrophic Suffering

What Do I Miss (pre-pandemic) An Allegory

Sand tickles bare feet;  Sand shifts;  I tip sideways; arms fling wide.  Waves crash; waves suck in sand; I brace my body,  I brace its watermelon-shaped abdomen.  Waves pull me under; I gurgle---spit saltiness.   Waves tumble me-over-and-over; I gasp! Help   Pandemic. What's new? Masks, social-distancing, senior store hours, gloves, wash hands, repeat. Online classes, online … Continue reading What Do I Miss (pre-pandemic) An Allegory

Remember Daddy When…

Remember daddy, when you made a radio from scratch. A small light yellow box with an open back containing a fascinating array of tubes, wires, and the string with a safety pin dangling down by a thumbtack so we could tap it back to life with a sizzle. I remember the smell of warm tubes … Continue reading Remember Daddy When…

Two Cells in One

The Fleshly Cell The cell was as sound-proof as my life had been. I wanted to scream. Maybe someone would hear. But all that came out was the scream of my nightmares. The scream that pulled all of my broiling emotions so tight against my chest that I felt my ribs would crack, but no … Continue reading Two Cells in One