Annie’s Bio

My name is Annie Pauli. The pen name I use is Annie Freewriter.

I didn’t consider myself a writer until several years ago. A  friend of mine invited me to a memoirs writing class. I told her, “I’m not a writer,” “I can never write.” She just said, “give it a try.” I finally did.

My goal with this blog is to write short stories about my life journey; the painful and the light-hearted.

I am seen by many as a deep thinker; maybe even over my head. It took me a long time to accept that part of me as my authentic self. The image of God, child, daughter and friend. Imageo deo.

On the other side of what makes up that image is the laughter. I think laughter has held me above water when I begin to sink too deep. I have the gift of helping overly serious people or people stuck in their pain, break out laughing with child-like abandonment. It changes their demeanor and let’s them breath again. Even if for a moment. Yes, the pain comes back, but it loses its punch.

I will have three categories: the personal life stories (memoir), the light-hearted laughter stories and the most important; the spiritual ponderings (personal reflections).

I invite you to join me while we laugh, cry, and ponder.

I would like to get to know you and some of the uniqueness that makes you – YOU.

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