My crazy squirrel encounter

My Crazy Squirrel Encounter.

I knew that squirrels were a nutty bunch. I guess that’s where we get the word “squirrelly”.

I was living in Washington State from 1998-2007, in a rural setting. I would often see these rascals dashing from ground to treetop.

I was temporarily living in a 1960’s trailer behind the my mother’s house. My 15-yr.-old nephew was finishing school while his family re-located to California, and he needed my room.

One morning I woke up to a very loud thunk on the aluminum trailer roof which was next to a row of cypress trees. I thought, “Something must have fallen off the tree.” My curiosity was aroused, so I peeked outside. What I saw was a streak of squirrel as it ran up and then sat on the top branch of a tree. It chattered, a maniacal squirrel chatter.

The next morning, I woke again to another – thunk. At precisely 8 a.m., pacific squirrel  time. I grabbed the handle of the trailer door, and flung it open.  Again, a flash of squirrel tail – insane chatter – my fist jabbing skyward. He was laughing at me – from the top of the tree.

I hoisted up and stood wobbly-kneed on the trailer hitch. There they were – two blatant pieces of  crazy squirrel arsenal. Pine-cone buds. I thought “Okay, this is just a fluke, he surely won’t do it again.” I shrugged.

The next morning at precisely 8 a.m – THUNK. “Oh no, he didn’t!”

This time I knew it was… game on!

This sleepy, disheveled human, tripped out the door to confront the prankster. I spewed out a volley of fist-shaking reprimand.

Crazy human alert!

More chattering ensued.

What a silly sight – a human facing off with a squirrel.

This went on day after day, until I finally conceded to – squirrel victory! I stayed put. He moved on. Perhaps – to another victim.

God has given me a sense of humor but this was my first encounter with a crazy squirrel. I’m so thankful God created creatures that can make us chuckle. I sure hope this brought a smile to your face.

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